In an effort to increase the effectiveness of the program
and to expose our youngsters to a more diverse populace,
we are searching for caring, passionate adults to volunteer
their time and talents.


Direct service with youth:

-Job Club Presentations(nurses, lawyers, accountants, etc.)

-Job Site Visits for students

-Tutoring Middle/High School students in math, science

-Reading/Writing groups

-Arts & Crafts


-Food preparation



-Coordinating Community Service Projects

-Computer Skills

Indirect service:

-Wrap Christmas presents

-Assist with Thanksgiving celebration

-Assist with annual Walk-a-thon

For all potential volunteers, there will be an interview
with the Community Education Coordinator. We are
flexible as far as your volunteering schedule
(once a week, once every other week, etc.)
but out of concern for our youngsters,
volunteers should be willing to make
a long-term commitment.

All volunteers will be required to submit a background check


-Be timely (volunteer will contact program if late or absent)

-Appropriate dress/conduct

-Minimum commitment of once a month (ideally once a week)

-Appreciate our kids for who they are

-Set proper boundaries with students

-Don’t make promises you can’t keep

-Respect confidentiality

-Focus on youth

-Be a positive role model

-Work well independently and work well with staff

-Most importantly: Have fun and be yourself!

If you are interested in volunteering,
call us at 860 229 2776,
or email
Volunteer at Pathways